Founded in 1994, IFEX has stunned the fire fighting world with its pacesetting impulse fire extinguishing technology. At the Interschutz-94 trade fair in Hanover, Germany, IFEX revealed its 1 liter impulse gun and portable systems based on it. The response was overwhelming. In the following years, IFEX developed the Intruder Twin Cannon and the mighty Dominator fixed systems and constructed highly versatile applications enabling IFEX technology to be mounted on automobiles, helicopters, tanks, tractors, trains and trucks.

Today, more than 10,000 fire fighters worldwide are working with IFEX systems. They protect Tokyo, Japan's 27 million metropolis, and historic stave churches in Norway; all of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants and the ports of Sydney; US military bases and the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland; Arabian oil wells, Daimler Chrysler automotive plants and the rain forests of Mato Grosso.

The impulse technology itself is protected by approximately 100 patents worldwide. It has been tested by governmental bodies and private institutions and has proven its functionality, durability and versatility in countless fires over the last 9 years.

All IFEX impulse tools - from the 1-liter Handheld Gun to the Dominator stationary cannons - are manufactured and assembled in Germany.

IFEX carries full ISO 9001, TÜV and DIN certifications.